This year, the Darwin Harbour Advisory Committee is proud to present our Integrated Report Card, a key milestone in our commitment to a sustainable future for Darwin Harbour. Reflecting our collaborative and transparent vision, this report card evaluates the harbour’s health, aligning economic growth with environmental and cultural preservation. It aims to guide informed decisions and community efforts, ensuring the harbour remains a treasure for the Larrakia People and all future generations. Together, we strive to protect this magnificent region’s legacy.

Participants in the Indigenous stakeholder workshop held at Wagait Beach on 14 March 2020.

This Darwin Harbour Integrated Report Card was developed through extensive consultation with stakeholders from the Darwin Harbour region, drawing heavily on their knowledge and expertise. It assesses various features within the harbour and its catchments.

In March 2020, a series of workshops marked the first step in the development of this report card. Stakeholders from government, Indigenous communities, industry, academia and non-government organisations convened in and around Darwin Harbour. They identified the region’s key environmental, social, Indigenous cultural, and economic values and discussed potential indicators and thresholds for assessing these values. This collaborative effort culminated in the release of the inaugural report card in 2021. 

Additional workshops in subsequent years have further refined the process of generating the report card, for example, implementing a scientific expert panel for this year’s report card.

The value and indicator rosette presents an overview of the eight key values identified as important to those who live, work and play in and around Darwin Harbour, and the 19 indicators developed to assess the ‘health’ of these values. These indicators can guide Darwin Harbour’s management and conservation strategies, maintaining its intrinsic values for present and future generations.